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gazd2002uk | 17:39 Tue 23rd Oct 2007 | Travel
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how many cigarettes am i allowed to bring back from bilbao,spain


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No such thing as duty free with in Europe any more so you just buy them normally in the shops - will still be tons cheaper than in UK though
Not sure the above reply is correct

As you are not travelling from or to outside the EU, whatever cigarettes you buy will have to be duty paid. But the duty in Spain is a lot less than UK duty.

The official line is that you can bring 2900 Spanish duty paid cigarettes back with you without question.

Any more than that and you will have to somehow show that you will not be selling them on.

For guidance, 200 cigarettes will probably cost you 27 Euros which equates to about �2 per pack of 20.

We sometimes get a cheap flight to spain, never leave the airport, buy 1000 fags and get on the next plane home. It still works out cheaper.
200 cigs = 1 carton is acceptable in most of EU countries.

Sometimes its better to order cigs from Europe online cigarette stores
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