New York - JFK to Astor on the Park hotel

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SpiderPig | 22:19 Sun 07th Oct 2007 | Travel
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What the best way to make this journey from the airport. There's just two adults. Is the cab fare horrendously expensive, and what would we have to pay?

If there was an easier cheaper way, it would save more money for spends.!

My guide book mentions shuttles and buses, but I need some human input !

Thanks in advance.


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Do you mean to Astor Place in Manhattan? With two of you, the best way is to use a 'livery service.' My preferred service for over 25 years has been TelAviv Cars. I've provided details in another link for contacting them, along with an explanation as to why these services are better than taxis. It will be a fixed rate, plus tolls and tip. The number is on the attached link:

I respect your choice if you prefer not to use this company and in that instance would recommend the Boston Coach Company.

I hope you have a wonderful journey!

Fr. Bill
You can get more detailed (albeit a bit laborious) information by visiting this AB link: 463946.html

Have a great trip!

Fr. Bill
Question Author
I hoped you'd be along Fr. I saw some of your comments in another thread. No - the hotel's called Astor on the Park - near Central Park.

That seems similar to rates I've seen for taxis including tip/tolls. I think I'd sooner just walk into a cab when I got there.

I just wondered whether a bus would be easier, I'd hate to look like a dumb tourist paying out unecessarily.
A yellow cab will be $45 (fixed) + toll ($4) + plus tip (your discretion but $8, or $10 if the cabbie is helpful and you haven't change).

This fare holds for JFK to anywhere in Manhattan i.e fixed. And more recently on the return journey too, i.e fixed

You can get various buses and shuttles (vans) like SuperShuttle. The latter is $15 flat fare pp. And a bus that drops off at Grand Central, the same from memory. But if you fly in to the BA terminal at JFK (#7), don't be surpised if you're still scooting around other terminals at the airport an hour later, picking up other passengers, before you even head in to town if not in a cab/limo.

In a yellow can I've frequently gone from 'home' in midtown to the air-side bar at JFK in 45 minutes. I suppose it's a case of how tight your budget is...
Got the bus back to the airport in November last year, cost $15 one way, which went from Penn street station. no hassles, but a blooming miserable driver!
Spider, as I've shared in other threads, Livery Service is usualy the more economical. Their cars will be there waiting for you, provided you give the arrival details. Once landed and with bags in hand, dial the local number and the driver will pull up to the Kerb for you...simple and convenient...

Ah, yes, I know the Astor on the Park... Mazel tov!


Fr Bill
Note also with services like SuperShuttle, going to the airport... they will demand that they pick you up something like 4 hours before your flight. Which if you've checked in online, and have a 30 minute ride to the airport is a total waste of time.

'You pays yer money...'
Question Author
I'm afraid I posted this question too late to use everyone's tips.

I went with the service the hotel recommended, $55 plus tips, but having sussed the underground I'd be happy next time to use the train service.

Thanks for everyones's advice and we had a great time.

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New York - JFK to Astor on the Park hotel

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