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Reverandfunk | 11:56 Thu 20th Sep 2007 | Travel
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When is the best time of year to go in your opinion?


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hi there,
it really depends on what you like. i went in december and it was reasonably quiet - but still quite a few people around and the weather was in the high 60s low 70s and sunny. my mum went in may and it was busy and temp was in the 100s! the only time i would avoid would be the american colleges Spring Break (not sure of the dates,think it might be march) as someone i know went during that time and said that it was so busy they couldnt get near the pools or the bars or restaurants and ended up eating and drinking in some dodgy places as everywhere decent was full.
sorry! i havent really answered your question and have probably confused you more!
hope you have a great time when you go!
Go when you've got the most money! Especially if you like to shop, booze and gamble. If you don't like doing these three things. Don't go!
Also take "dressing up clothes" You'll feel better waltzing round the Billagio in a suit, than you will in shorts and flip flops!
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Lol thanks, Ive been before and went mid oct and the weather was great but going again next year to get married and just fancied going at a different time
the 12 th of never
crap place full of americans
Some hotels do not open their pools between December and March.

Just check on google to see if there are big conventions are in town. I was going last year but checked the date and found that 120,000 dental staff were due in town for a convention!!
We went a few years ago in July it was great but waaay too hot, it just made you feel crappy.

I would go with the other suggestions and aim for either spring or autumn

A xXx
October is a great month to go. Like someone else mentioned, check and see what conventions are in town. Also check hotel prices on several different weeks. We love the Venetian and the prices can vary by as much as $200 per night depending on when you go. The last time we were there it was Labor Day weekend (first Mon in Sep) and you would think the rates would be higher for a holiday weekend but they were actually the lowest of several weekends that I checked.
Love Vegas!!!

Are you doing an Elvis styley wedding??? the last time I was there, there were many Brides and Grooms wandering around in their finery.... Fantastic!!!

I went in December btw.... nice weather :)

Stick with Tier bets on Roulette lol ;) xxx

Have a brill weddding!!!
I usually go in April, either before or after the Easter hols, its fine not too hot and not too crowded.
Saw a bride & groom queing up still in wedding dress about 1 am to go into a disco, apparently they wanted to stay in line to be with their guests.
If you have the funds go now, why wait, to me its like Disney for grown ups.
I've been a couple of times for New Year's Eve & it was good. They have fireworks from the roof top of the hotels along the Strip that go off one after another. Temp around 57-60 in the day & very sunny but cold at night. Good time for shopping as the sales are on then too.

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