whos been to australia ????

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pocahontas | 16:16 Thu 09th Aug 2007 | Travel
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basically i want to find someone who has been to australia.
what happens when you stop over singapore, how long do you have to wait in singapore until the plane is ready to take you to the last part of your journey to australia?
id also be scared someone will plant drugs on me or something!! is it as bad in singapore as people say ?
i really wasnt to go to australia but i keep saying to myself that its too much hassle!!
someone put my mind at rest please!! but be honest !! thanx :)


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Depends who you are flying with. When we have been we always stayed in Singapore for 2/3 nights. It's wonderful there and I don't think you are anymore at risk there, than in any other airport for getting drugs planted on you. Just the airport is worth a look and I think you can get a bus tour of Singapore, even if you are only in transit. Check the website out, there is a lot for you to do I beleive. Enjoy it and don't worry, just make sure you have your bagage with you and don't leave it unattended. This applies at any airport. l/en/home/about_singapore/faq/airport.html
I had a great holiday with my family in Australia (Qantas Airlines) when I was 13 (I'm now 39!).
We stopped in Singapore for about an hour and I remember everyone being absolutely amazed at how spotless the airport was. You could have eaten your dinner off the floor!
I also remember having chicken with cashew nuts on the last part of the journey and it was so gorgeous!
We stayed at Sydney and Perth (visiting family) and I loved Perth!
I would definitely do it all again.
Go on, what have you got to lose......apart from several hundred pounds?!!!!!
if you really dont want to go t o singapore, cant you go the other way round?
We flew with BA in April. 2 BA flights take off for Sydney within 10 mins of each other, but one goes via Singapore and one via Bangkok. We were on the Bangkok flight. Due to a minor technical problem we were an hour late leaving Heathrow (11pm), so when we arrived at Bangkok (4.30pm local) we were told that they would try and catch up the time during the turnround (which should have been 3 hrs). We had the choice to get off or stay on the plane. We chose to stay on, which was really interesting. We saw the team come on and 'clean' the cabin, put out new pillows etc. We even had a trip to Club World and First to see what you got for your money! Even tried a Club World lay flat seat. Anyway, took off after about 2hrs 15mins and landed Sydney 6.15am (15 mins late after a one hour initial delay). You will then walk through Sydney airport like a zombie and take a couple or three days to get your body clock right. But go, its a great place!
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thanks 4 ur help everyone.
i feel a bit better and ive just found out that virgin are launching a direct flight with no stop overs in about 5 years!! just thought ide let you know about that :) but i think im going to go quite soon and your right- just enjoy it and enjoy the fact that im seing another country in the world and not stuck in birmingham !!!
Hi , I went to Australia and lived there for 13 years. I flew Qantas airlines and stopover at Singapore but not stayovernight, just to get off the plane for them to change it or refuel and freshen supplies. We all got off the plane and sat in the Singapore airport for about 2 hours . It was a wonderful comfy flight and plenty of in-flight food and entertainment , or just sleep if thats what you want.
Of course then when you reach Australia you see that no matter how long the flight seemed , it was well worth it.:-)
I guess the direct flight will be when they introduce one of these new generation airliners - either the Airbus superjumbo or the Boeing dreamliner, not sure which, but they will have a longer range than current planes. Anyway, Singapore's fine, clean and bustling but rather hot. Not sure if they still ban chewing gum. How long you stop over will depend on your airline(s) but taking a day or two's stopover there would let you see a different way of life and help ease the jetlag from the whole journey.

Australia is also excellent, though far too many poms there these days...
There is a direct 18 hour flight from New York to Singapore, but from people I know who have been on it its a nightmare. That's a long journey.

Don't stress about about Singapore.... you've more chance of being embroiled in crime in England.

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whos been to australia ????

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