driving to france and italy with my mum for first time! any tips!

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sherry76 | 15:29 Mon 06th Aug 2007 | Travel
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Hi, I'm of to france and Italy for the first time! am really excited but a little apprehensive too!..I would be so greatful of any tips or advice e.c.t.-Im early thirty's and my mum a lovely young 58yr old!lol....

We are heading to dover,catching the ferry to calais but arriving late so I need to find a hotel close to the port for us to rest for the night-does anybody know of any nearby b and b's?-or hotels that are cheap?.
we then plan to spend two nights in paris then head to st tropez! do you know how many hours it takes to drive from paris to st tropez? and then finally how long from s tropez to italy??? thanks guys!!!!


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If I were you I'd avoid driving the rond-point de l'Arc de Triomphe - it'll turn your hair white!
Hi there are lots of reasonably priced hotel and motel chains in France If you want the real French experience look out for Les Routiers signs on pubs and small hotels lots of them are very reasonable by English standards also the B&B chain are really good value The others mentioned are great too I've stayed in most of them over the years without any problems.For a real saver if you run low on cash the Formula 1 chain are very reasonable but don't all have private facilities.They are spotlessly clean though and automatically disinfected every time any of the facilities are used I know as we once had to use that chain when we arrived late in an area and failed to find anything else We're pretty picky and we survived the experience! ENJOY If you want a super country hotel not too expensive near Bordeaux try Pont de CartLegejust outside Blaye which is a lovely old fishing town with cobbled streets and a castle dating from medieval times Gorgeous
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thanx for the advise guys! much appreciated!...I wouldnt be too concerned if it were myself going,but because my mum is comming,I want to make it all as perfect as I can for her-and less stressful,especialy as I have just lost my dad....
oh,and also,do you think it would be better(easier e.c.t)to drive to spain,rather than italy,taking in to consideration,money and time e.c.t???....I'm not a bad driver as it goes,on the road alot!
thanks .;-

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driving to france and italy with my mum for first time! any tips!

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