Lost out of date passport

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~Wingnut~ | 18:05 Sun 29th Jul 2007 | Travel
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Hi all!
I am tearing my hair out trying to find my old passport to no avail. I know it is out of date as I tried to use it as proof ID last year when I was the sceretary of a school committee for being able to sign cheques and I had to provide other ID.
I am now trying to apply for a new passport and can't find the damn thing! I have rung them and they have said I need to apply as a lost passport now but on reading the form they want to know when I lost it and why I lost it and also the passport number which I don't know! Where would I find that out?
Anyone else been in this situation as the passport is out of date but I am now worrying that because I can't provide the correct info that I won't be issued with a new one!
Grrr so angry with myself as I usually keep all these in the same place and never lose them!

Thanx to anyone for any advice.


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My fella did said thing earlier thisyear.

From what i know he had to get a crime number from police station, fill in the form (without his passport number as he didnt know it and he stated the passport was lost within the house.
This was all done on a form supplied by the passport office.

Then he sent it along with a renewal application with all the relevant ID and signed photos and his new passport arrived within 3 weeks.
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Thank you for your quick response redcrx :o)

I'm just so angry at myself for not being able to find it!! I know the woman at the passport office said I need to get a LS01 form from the post office but it's not as if the passport is valid anymore but I guess this is my own fault for losing it. Oh hum :o(

Thanx again :o)
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OMG It's ok, it's ok! I've just found it!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord for that! It was in amongst some old Birthday cards waiting to go upstairs!!! I must have thrown it there so it went up stairs with them! Phew!!!!

Thanx again for your reply tho redcrx :o)
Glad you've found it.
Had it been stolen altering the expiry date would have been a doddle for a forger - that's why they are fussy about it
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ahh right dzug, didn't realise that, thanx :o)
don't worry, that happened to me and I got a new one without trouble. Then of course found the old one in a jacket pocket! Grrr is right.
Read Note 6 on Page 2. A passport is the property of HM Government. It's just as well you found it or you could have been heading to the Tower!

Have a good holiday with your new passport!!
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Thanx for your reply jno, typical isn't it! Teach me to put things away properly instead of leaving them on the bottom of the stairs in the faint hope that someone else will put it away! (who am I kidding? lol)

Lol Steve, thank goodness I found it! lol ;o)

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Lost out of date passport

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