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girlieflirt | 16:30 Mon 12th Mar 2007 | Travel
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Hi all - my boyfriend has his birthday in May. We haavnt been together for that long and i want to take him somewhere nice. Does anyone have any nice weekend break away suggestions? Thanks x


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Where are you??? Only, then I can recommend somewhere easily accessible from you. You after UK or a bit further afield?
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Hiya - sorry i live in St Albans, he lives in Essex, may be Europe or somewhere nice in the UK
Well, there's always cheap flights to Prague. Yes, renowned for stag do's, but also a really beautiful city..try going through the week to avoid the majority of stag do' about Dubrovnik...again, good for couples to wander about and explore, cheap-ish..a bit different.

Thought of a city break in the UK? Being northern and somewhat biased, I would suggest hopping on a train and heading to any of Manchester (used to live there, amazing place, great shops, bars, etc), Leeds (ditto), Newcastle (where I live now - class, great sights, close to the coast, good bars and nightlife, galleries, restaurants, people). I just think that a lot of people from the south seem to think that the north is full of men in flat caps with whippets, outdoor loos and people on the dole....this most certainly is not the case, there's such great cities, countryside, coastline, people.....I DO sound biased, don't I??!

For my girlfriend's birthday, I'm booking either a nice cottage in Northumberland (maybe a bit far for you, especially if driving) or a nice, plush hotel in the countryside, close to the coast. You could do this in Norfolk or South Wales - great beaches, great countryside, bit of peace and quiet, and a bit closer to you than us Geordies! Hope this has given you some ideas.
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Ah thanks, thats brill..Im may be thinking Bruges so we can get the Eurostar from London...Many options to consider..x
Barcelona, cheap flights, brill city with beach, brill clubs,
brill shopping, brill people, in fact the place is BRILL !!
Eurostar are offering 2 for �90 in the Telegraph at the moment - collect 4 codes and book from tomorrow (INDULGE, WINE & DISCOVER so far) - you can use this to go to Bruges - I've been around christmas and it is very romantic, also good fun - lots of bars. Cheap hotels on lastminute and expedia if that helps.
Have you tried - they have some great hotel offers for London and in the countryside - also deals to European cities - my vote goes to Barcelona too if you are going abroad.
Have you tried Latvia. so near yet so far. Awesome place! so much to see and do, its about half the price of here and you'll get flights for less than �50 with ryan air, a hotel will set you back about �100 for 2 nights!!!

Got to add my vote for Barcelona - its a great destination for a weekend break
go to amsterdam on the ferrie we came back 2 weeks ago it was fab espesh on ferrie! we went thursday came back saturday really good night on ferrie though, really cheap its buy 1 ticket get other free at mo 72 quid! look at p&o cruises!

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