How long does it take to get your passport back from US embassy

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Annie456 | 13:45 Fri 02nd Feb 2007 | Travel
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Does anyone have experience of applying for a US visa? how long does it take for them to return your passport? Is there a process to speed it up in the event that you will need your passport to travel?


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From the US embassy website ('Box 38' refers to the question about criminal convictions):
"Routine visa applications take approximately 5 workdays to process after the visa interview. Applicants who tick yes to box 38 should be aware that it is difficult to predict how long the application will take to process, but can expect to wait a minimum of 14 to 16 weeks before being advised of the outcome of their application. Applicants who are advised at the time of the visa interview that their application will require additional administrative processing should allow at least 60 days for this stage of the application to be completed. Please note that the processing times quoted are approximate and cannot be guaranteed".

As far as I can see, there's nothing on the US embassy website about speeding up the process.

When I got my US visa I'm sure I had to pay something for it to be returned by special delivery. I got it back 1 week later.
Normal application = a week, and yes you have to pay for a courier to securely return it to you.

abnormal application = it will take longer.

Don't let the rule-book on the US embassy website intimidate you, or rule-book thumpers on this site.

Just provide what they ask for with your application, and you might be surpirsied that (assuming you ARE eligible) you'll get your visa much faster than the stated likely process times. Plus the staff at the US Embassy are very nice and helpful.

p.s. Well that was my experience 3 months ago...
my husband has a Portugese passport and we live in the UK, we used a courier service and everything was done in 2 days, I cant remeber how much, but it wasnt cheap.
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Jonno Genie, do you mind me asking if your application was normal or abnormal? the application i am referring to will require a tick in box 38...
Yes mine was a 'box 38 application'. Something really minor, DUI, from when I was a kid almost 2 decades ago, but I did it in the US, so no way can I pretend it did not happen.

First thing. Put in the request to the UK police for a copy of your record (it'lll take a month or so). Then consider that your appointment at the US embassy will have a lead time of perhaps about three weeks.

While you're waiting for those, then sort out all your forms. But get these in place first.

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How long does it take to get your passport back from US embassy

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