Electric toothbrush in hand luggage

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Dee Sa | 08:55 Sun 19th Nov 2006 | Travel
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Leaving on Sat, long haul, and going into panic mode.
Can I now take my electric toothbrush in my hand luggage or must it be in the main suitcase in the hold ?


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better to put it in luggage and take a travel one for you on the plane,simple
but remember to take the batteries out!
You can take an electric toothbrush in your cabin baggage. (The only restriction on electrical items is that 'large' items, such as laptops and hairdryers, need to be taken out of your bag for separate screening).

Toothpaste counts as a 'liquid' and must be contained with the single, clear, 'sandwich-sized', plastic bag which you're permitted to take on board: ssec/documents/page/dft_transsec_613514.hcsp

I only put my electric toothbrush in my hand luggage once - never again.

The looks I got when it went through the scanner. The man asked me if I had anything in my hand luggage with a battery in it (he asked in a comical way!).

Wasn't until I went through that I realised he had thought it was something else which needed batteries which is a similar shape - embarrassing!! Think about it.
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many tks on second thoughts will pack in luggage

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Electric toothbrush in hand luggage

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