the see through bags to take on board for the new flight regulations

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Dee Sa | 17:33 Mon 06th Nov 2006 | Travel
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dont quite know where to post this.
Virgin Air miles club has sent us an e-mail and it shows the new size plastic zip up bag that u have to put your perfume,make up, tablets etc inside.
Well I have been to Asda & Tesco but they only have sandwich bag size.
Where can I get bigger sizes pls.


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Costco do a zip lock freezer bag, I should imagine these are available elsewhere too maybe somewhere like Iceland
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many tks
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Try a stationary shop for large zip bags.
I've just measured one of Tesco's 'sandwich size' bags.

It's 20cm high (excluding the bit above the zip) and 18cm wide. Since the maximum permitted size is 'approximately 20cm by 20cm' any bigger size will breach the rules. i.e. a single 'sandwich bag' is all that you're permitted to take on board: ssec/documents/page/dft_transsec_613514.hcsp

Don't worry I'm sure you will be able to buy them at the airport for some ridiculous price. The whole thing is nonsense (100ml of water!!) and is just another way for the airports to make money..
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thank you all
I flew out of Heathrow on Monday night and there are plenty of staff handing out resealable clear bags, all over the airport. You'll find staff at the short stay car parks, at check-in (Korean Air gave me one anyway) and again at the security check point.

A leaflet given to me with my bag at the airport states that (A) bags must be transparent and resealable (B) items should fit comfortable inside the bag (C) the bag should fasten closed and (D) each passenger may have one bag only.

Bags which are overfilled or not fastened closed will not be accepted. Also note that larger bottles will not be accepted, even if there is 100ml or less inside.

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the see through bags to take on board for the new flight regulations

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