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brenda43 | 11:58 Thu 02nd Nov 2006 | Travel
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What is the cheapest way to get from Hull to London? A friend came by train and it cost her �68! Surely there must be a cheaper way.


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Day of week, time of day, time of year, etc all will influence travel costs.
Coming from Hull and having lived in London, by far the EASIEST way is by train (Hull Trains being the best/easiest) however, to get cheap(ish) tickets you will need to book as far in advance as possible.

National Express Coaches will be far cheaper I guess, however, they seem to take an eternity. When I used to do this it would take in excess of 5 hours and go via Scunthorpe and Doncaster amongst others and then it would have to fight it's way through London traffic to Victoria.
Depends on how patient the traveller is, i guess - Good Luck!!!!
As others have suggested, pre-booking is essential. Try to travel off-peak. For example, I've just checked the fares currently being offered on the National Rail website at off-peak times on Tuesday, 5 December. (It's not usually necessary to book that far ahead but I wanted to ensure that I could find out what the cheapest fares are).

From around 0900 to 1300 (and probably at lots of other times too - I didn't check) there are plenty of departures, either travelling direct (with Hull Trains) or changing at Doncaster (for the GNER services). On all of those trains the ticket currently offered is the 'Hull Trains Pioneer Standard Advance 1 Single' or the 'GNER Standard Advance 2'. In both cases, the fare is just �15 (which seems reasonable to me).

Incidentally, if your friend repeats her mistake of buying a walk-up single fare, she'll find that the price will have increased to �72, on most services, by next month.

Cheapest is National Express. You asked for cheapest !
Sarah_Louises's answer is only partially correct.

The cheapest return fare with National Express is �27 which just beats �30 by rail. However, the cheapest single fare is �22 which is considerably more than the �15 by rail.

Just to emphasise Chris' point. For train journeys it is invariably cheaper to buy two singles than a return.

I regulalry travel Glasgow to Middlesbrough at �12 each way whereas the cheapest return is about �60.
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Thank you very much every one for the helpful tips on the cheapest fares between Hull and London. Much appreciated.

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