New York @New Year

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sammy0304 | 22:51 Fri 20th Oct 2006 | Travel
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ME and my boyfriend are planning on going to new york in 2007 for new year going into 2008 anyone been and any good ideas where to stay, what to etc..


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Hi sammy. I asked a similar question a little while ago... 294066.html

We've booked through for a week from the 9th December. Hope my link helps you, hun xxx
I'll leave your specific questions to others. Just a thought though, over New Year it can be cold, and if it is windy I mean 'feels like' -10c would not be unusual. So take some seriously warm clothes...

p.s. I've stayed at the Pickwick Arms Hotel in midtown (E 51st) a couple f times, and it did the job at a good price...
I agree with JonnoGenie about the cold. I was there in December last year and some days wore two jumpers as well as my wool coat, scarf, hat etc.
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cheers for the link whiskey was a great help shall get on to the man just to get the wallet out lol. is it really that cold??
Did the same thing a couple of years back got a fantastic deal with Virgin Airlines maybe worth checking out, had a brilliant time. We stopped at the Crowne Plaza United Nations which is nice but a little out the way. The Crowne Plaza located on Time Square is in the thick of the action and has had a recent upgrade. I don't recommend sitting down in Times Square to watch the ball drop only if you can get there late. We sat down for approx 6hrs there was little entertainment and when the ball dropped everyone disappeared!! The marriot Hotel located in Times Square holds a party which overlooks Times Square great views! maybe worth looking into.Restaurants such as Fridays located on Times Square also hold parties. Regarding sightseeing, ice-skating in central park is a must - better than the Rockefeller centre and its queues! A trip to Canal Street is also a must if your after designer goods!ahem! at bargain prices of course. Ellis Island is brilliant and catch a Broadway Show with discount tickets from the TKTS booth (don't queue in Times Square there is a smaller booth located at South Street Seaport which has no queues!) Well i'm really envious you will have a great time i'm sure!!!
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Hey michelle, cheers for the info, was just wondering did you book your hotels etc seperate? am not to sure what to do with regards to that, and would like to make sure i would get it all ok as it is the first time my partner has been on a holiday, he has led a sheltered life lol, so i am wanting it all to go as smooth as possible.
Hi Sammy,
Yes we booked hotel and flight seperately but it might be worth checking out any packages for price comparison. Happy hunting!
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ok kool kool thanks for that again, you have been a great help. is it really as cold as what people are saying?? We r planning on going for a week, how much cash do u reckon we will need between us, ?

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New York @New Year

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