What's Crete like?

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ganesh | 15:27 Fri 06th Oct 2006 | Travel
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Anyone been to Crete. I was thinking of a family holiday in the Bali resort(villa nearby anyway) . I've been to Skiathos, and Cyprus and I love the heat. Any good or bad experiences?


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Don't go ANYWHERE near Malia or even Hersonissos at night if you're above the age of 20. I went to Malia when I was 19 and even then I was too old!!

Seriously though, there's a lot of German based hotels so if you're organising on your own through t'internet then check something called 'The Gazetteer'. All travel agents have it and it gives an honest report on the resort.

I found it very baron and not nearly as nice and green as Corfu. I'd go back to Corfu but never to Crete. Everythings along that top north coast and you get the planes all day and night and Malia - Blackpool more like ! Steer clear of the place !!!
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Thanks, maybe I'll look at Corfu then.
No please do not be put off of Crete my husband and I was only there two weeks ago. We loved it. Drove through Malia and yes it is full of youngsters so dont stay there but we stayed just outside of Hersonissos. And we are both 50+Infact are going again in May. As for the planes going over ,yes they do, but it shouldnt worry you. They where never noisey and did not mind them at all. Brenda
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Thanks. I expect it depends on whereabouts you go, a bit like Majorca in that respect. We were thinking of Bali in the midle/north coast.
some people like me some dont , lol
I've been to crete 6 times now, though not to bali. We love the south coast, Makrygialos, Mirtos, and georgiopoulis in the north. These are quieter resorts so not much in the way of nightlife, but friendly locals
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Just what I wanted to hear, but the villa I've spotted is in Bali, in the North, was hoping to find someone who had been to that area.
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We have been to Chania - the other side of the island and the opposite of Malia. Fantastic, very authentic, food fabulous and people wonderful. Enjoyed it so much we are looking for property to buy!

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What's Crete like?

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