Foreigners and British tap water

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Pottsy | 14:21 Fri 06th Oct 2006 | Travel
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When foreigners come to Britain, are they advised not to drink the tap water?


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I wouldn't have thought so considering our tap water is safe to drink.

What a strange question!
but so is tap water in some other countries, but Brits are advised not to drink it.
It often contains different levels of minerals etc than ours, and since our bodies aren't used to it, can cause stomach upsets.
when i lived in London i rarely drank the tap water it was awful and had a metallic taste to it .
I think the English are over cautious. They would have to be advised not to drink the tap water elsewhere because they haven't done a risk assesment
My daughter-in-law is Turkish and she finds the water in some parts of the country upsets her. She can drink London water but when she visits us in Suffolk and in some other parts of England she has to buy bottled water. She doesn't drink tap water in Turkey either.
Tap water is disgusting everywhere- Evian is the way to go!
When I was in Denmark I asked for a glass of water in a restaurant and was given tap water.

When I asked the waitress if she could get me bottled water instead, she smiled and said that their water was much cleaner than UK water, and that Danes are advised to only drink tap water when in the UK.

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Foreigners and British tap water

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