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stylinsam | 11:51 Mon 25th Sep 2006 | Travel
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right bit of a funny Q but, next year me and my bf are planning to go on holiday, the thing is. he doesnt like flying and the only way hel go abroad is on a ferry!! (and i hate the sea!!) so thats that one out of the Q but he doesnt mind staying in this country whereas i like going somewhere hot and getting a tan!!??

any suggestions???


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dump him
and go to ibiza

hee hee, no what about somewhere like cornwall? mid july ? should get the good weather ?
take the channel tunnel and get yourself on the train over to the south of france - it might take a while but you can stop along the way for a night or two to break the journey up a bit (might not actually that all that long).

Center parcs nice and warm in the dome then just use the tanning beds. :-) You can just make up where you've been to your mates :-)
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4getmenot you sneaky russian!!
:-) No seriously lots to do there too and loads of sports stuff ideal for you coz you want to get fit. If not go where you boyf wants to then have a late deal sun holiday with your mates later in the year. :-)
Hi Miss Sam - get him to a hypnotherapist, or book him on a course that some of the airlines do for people with a phobia. xx
yes get the train, its a great experience.

My b/f and I catch the train to the alps each winter direct train from waterloo, its a fantasic way to travel.

For a 'warmed' holiday, Eurostar to Paris and then head down to the south coast.

Google rail Europe.

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thanks guys mwahxxx
the train, yes - either Eurostar and then hook up to the vast European rail network that will get you pretty well anywhere this side of Vladivostok, or Le Shuttle, drive off at Calais and then head wherever you like.

Incidentally, channel crossings by boat don't take long and are less constricting than planes - it might be easier for you to cure yourself than him, if you want to.
Just as a post-script to jno's last point - if you do decide to brave the sea and take a car I'd try Speed Ferries. Dover-Boulogne, high-speed catamaran ferry, 55 mins crossing time, easy & flexible online booking.

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