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Tom Thumb | 17:34 Tue 12th Sep 2006 | Travel
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Any info about Riga would be welcome.Booking for a
couple of days in Jan. I expect it will be freezing.
Anything worth visiting,price of ale etc.How many cigs
can you bring back legally.


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Looks like you can bring back 200 cigarettes duty free.
yo, I spent a few days in riga this past new year's!
When i went there it was cnstantly snowing, and the temperature was 0 degrees or just under it, but to be honest, it didnt feel as cold as it feels here! I think its a different kind of cold that you dont feel as much, honestly!

I couldnt tell you what is worth visiting because everything was shut at the time, well, except for the shopping centre that you wont miss at all.

I advise you to buy your cigarettes in town and not at the airport as for some reason they wouldnt let us bring them back to the uk from the shops at the airport. Yes, they are pretty cheap, about 80p a packet.

As it relates to price of beer, watch out for dual pricing, if you go to a pub and ask for a foreign beer you will be charged double of local ones, and local ones are good enough, for example, a pint of a local beer was about 1 lat 25 but Heineken was 2.50!
You really must be careful with getting ripped off by taxi drivers-they will always try to overcharge you, from the airport, around town etc...negotiate a price before you get on and stick to it. From the airport to centre should be not more than 4 lats. Anything more and you are being ripped off.
Try: for more info.

i have beeen to Riga 3 times this year in February it was -26 and the huge river that you will cross in your taxi from the airport will no doubt be frozen. april it was still about 5-6 degrees but in june it was 32 degrees and hotter than england!!

As for things to there is loads. -Activities-Riga.html

As for cigs i got caught with 5000 last time and lost the lot. My mate says they are checking every bag from eastern europe for contraband. They are also opening bags before they go on the conveyor belt. So be Warned, i have not heard of anyone get more than 6 sleeves through since June!
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Cheers folks for the replys.As it would have probably turned out to be a cig related trip,cant see much point in going now.

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