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Deppster | 21:02 Sat 02nd Sep 2006 | Travel
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I've paid for Disney's 14 day ultimate tickets and I'm wondering what happens when you go to the parks each day? Do you get wristbands? Do you have to pay a seperate admission fee? And how does the Fast Pass thingy work? I know you have to enter your ticket into the machine at select rides but what ticket, and how many do you get? Sorry for all the questions - ust want to be prepared!


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Not had the ultimate tickets but you might get some help here :o)
Hello Deppster. You don't get given wrist bands, you simply use your tickets to enter the parks. Allocate one ticket per person and stick to the same one - they will check your fingerprints. Once inside, you insert ONE Disney ticket PER FASTPASS into a machine (both fastpass and Disney ticket returned straight away). Before opting for the fastpass, there will be a sign which tells you the time your fastpass will be valid (this could be several hours later). The fastpass ticket will also show you a time when you are eligible to have another fastpass ticket for another ride (you cannot have several in the system all in one go). I hope this makes some sense - a bit early for me! Have a great time and make sure you check out the Disney Waterparks (Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach) - they're amazing!
When you arrive at the park, insert ticket into machine which reads it, at the same time place 1st and 2nd fingers of right hand into a machine af some sort which I've no idea what it does (presumably 'reads' your fingers in some way), after a few seconds a green light comes on, your ticket pops out of the machine, you collect it and proceed through the turnstile! There are Cast (staff) members at each gate to help.

You can use your Ultimate tickets at any park, any day. If, for example, you went to Magic Kingdom during the day, you could go to Epcot in the evening etc. There is no need for hand stamping when you leave a park.

There is nothing further to pay, your ticket will cover all admission. Check on the Disney website as I can't remember if your ticket will give you admission to the Water Parks (Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach); you definitely have admission to the 4 main parks.

Part 2 follows...
Fast Passes - most of the major attractions have these now. Look for the Fast Pass Distribution machines which are near the entrance to the rides. Insert your Park Entry ticket and you will be given a Fast Pass ticket. You need to do this for everyone who wants to ride, using a different Park Entry ticket for each Fast Pass needed. The Fast pass ticket will have a time slot printed on, for example 11.20-11.50. You can then return at any time during that slot, look for the Fast Pass Return queue, show the Cast member your Fast Pass and head on up to the ride. There may still be a queue, but it will be fast moveing and much shorter than the Standby queue (which is what they call the non-FP queue!)

You can only hold one FP per Entry Park ticket at any time. E.g. if you get a FP for Big Thunder Mountain, you can't then just wander across to Splash Mountain and get another one immediately. This stops people just stockpiling a load of FPs all at once. Your FP ticket will tell you when your next FP can be collected, eg if your return slot for Big Thunder Mountain is 11.20-11.50, it may say 'Next FP available from 11.25'; you could then collect a FP for Splash Mountain at 11.25 before riding BTM at 11.30....phew!

Hope this makes sense. Sorry for long reply, but you did ask! Any more advice needed, just say, I'm a WDW fan as you may have guessed!
Sorry, took so long typing my reply, scoobydooby beat me to it!
Question Author
Thanks to scoobydooby and xanderma - the info is a great help. Disney's web sites should explain it like you have!

I just find the whole thing confusing. All I hear is people who say that ehy were unable to "do it all" in the time they had. Well I want to do it all! But how? We will be travelling with 3 kids (age 14, 9 and 4) We want o get round all the big fast rides and the all the "tame" ones for the little one - so basically everything. We're going for a fortnight and are staying in Disney - but we also want to use up 3 or 4 days outside Disney to perhaps visit Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios etc - oh and we want to take a hot air balloon ride! Phew! So that should leave about 10 and a half days for disney - so can it be done in that time without it turning into a nightmare?!
I'm sure you will have no problems doing Disney in the time you have but anyone who has been will tell you, you need to plan like a military campaign. Buy a really good disney guide all the book shops have them they may seem expensive but they are worth it on such an expensive holiday. Then decide what you want to do and follow the tips. Since you are staying in Disney you will have the benefit of early entry to the parks and of course use of all the free transport between parks and hotels. If you are going when it is very hot take advantage of the early starts by leaving the parks arond 2pm going back to the hotel for a nap or a relax round the pool and return as it cools down the parks are open late and the light shows and fireworks are worth seeing. Also many of the rides are indoors so you do not need daylight to enjoy them.
If this is a first visit I can guarantee it won't be your last so don't try and do all the other theme parks in one trip. Lots of people underestimate the knackering effect of the trans atlantic flight. dinsey seaworld and both parks at universal will be 'do-able' in a two week trip but there are all sorts of other things you will want to do once you get there.A good site for advice is they have people who live in Orlando on their forums who can give invaluable advice about itineries. Most important enjoy yourselves you will love it, it is a great holiday and I would go every year if it was up to me!!!!!!!
You won't 'do it all' but you won't be disappointed by any means!

I can highly recommend 'Brits Guide to Orlando' by Simon Veness, available on Amazon. It's rewritten every year, so you could get last year's at a cheaper price if you like. It's invaluable!

Also, consider buying 'Birnbaums Guide to WDW'. I have both these, despite being a regular Orlando visitor, I still read and re-read and learn something new every time!

When do you go? I have lots more advice I can give you, my children are similar ages to yours, but don't want to fill up AB!

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Admission tickets/Fast Pass Disney Tickets

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