Cheap flights from Cardiff to Malaga

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vtempo | 13:58 Mon 07th Aug 2006 | Travel
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I am looking for cheap flights to Malaga from Cardiff during September / October - 2 adults, 2 children. Does anyone know the best way to get the cheapest deals? There are so many websites regarding flights that I am not sure where to start! Thanks....


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Find out which airlines run the route - is a good starting point - then check each one out.
there's only 1 scheduled flight per day (by BMI Baby) and a 5 times a week charter (by Thomson), so the fare is unlikely to be as cheap as you could get from an airport with a bit more competition.
AB seems to be accepting only very short posts (again!), so I'll split this up:

The only scheduled airline operating on this route is BmiBaby. (Flights every day):

The charter operators are as follows:

MyTravel (Sunday only) IGHTONLY&t=5045/
Excel Airways (Saturday only):

First Choice (Friday & Saturday):

ThomsonFly (Daily except Monday & Wednesday):

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Thanks guys,

That is all very helpful!

I saw this on ebay (hope the link works) - has anyone ever heard of this before? m&item=160016630331&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:UK:11


(2-part post for the same reason as before):

Hmm. I suppose that this guy's 'wonder tool' might be useful but you can save yourself a fiver simply by using some common sense.

There are a few sites which claim to do something similar (for free). One of them is SkyScanner:
(That site is frequently recommended here on AB and has received many favourable mentions in the travel press).
Additionally, no 'magic tool' can produce flights where they don't exist. If you check the website of every airline flying the route you require, you'll know that you've considered all of the available options. To track down these flights, either use the link provided by Dzug (which is another well-known and recommended site) or simply check the website of the airport you wish to fly from (or to). For example, the information I provided, above, was based upon the destinations list on the Cardiff Airport website:


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Cheap flights from Cardiff to Malaga

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