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gpb | 10:05 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | Travel
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Does anyone have information on holidays in Bulgaria possibly in October. Interested in St Konstantin, Nessebur, Sunny beach in a hotel foe B&B. Checked out some information and the food doesn't seem to rate too highly. Any info appreciated.


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we looked into going later in the year and i think you'll find weather not particularly 'hot' so we have booked elsewhere. This seems to be reflected in the price cos the prices are very good.
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Thank you I'm a busy bee. I did wonder how hot it would be and think we might go somewhere warmer.
where are you checking the temperature for? Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is really warm in my experience.

Bulgaria is cheap - we paid �210 for bed and breakfast in a four star hotel. I'd really recommend a holiday there, especially before Bulgaria joins the EU.

The food isn't excellent, but it's certainly edible. There are some very reasonably priced restaurants that serve delicious food, but there's also rubbish ones, pretty much like everywhere. If you stick to the usual holiday guidlines like not eating food that's been sitting out and could've been reheated etc then you'll be alright. (and there's always mcdonalds...)

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