Holidays without a passport

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missmuppet | 14:56 Thu 27th Jul 2006 | Travel
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Hi my friend and I want to go on holiday but he doesn't have a passport. Is there anywhere outside of the uk we can go without one? Was thinking about possibly Greece, spain somewhere like that but will he need to get a passport sorted first and if so how long does it normally take? Thanks in advance x


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The passport agency web site tells you how long you can expect to wait for a passport.

The Post Office do a service where they check the form before sending it off and that is supposed to be quicker.

Of course it is now the busy time for all the other people who have just realised they need a passport.

And no, you cannot go outside the UK without a passport, so that leaves England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
If you were desperate to go abroad, sorry this suggestion is useless, but why not go to Cornwall. Lot's of gorgeous beaches, decent weather most of the time, many little harbours to relax in, Newquay is great if you want something a bit livelier, and lots of cider and cream teas to boot, what more could you ask for!
you dont really think you can get to greece or spain without a passport do you ?
You can, by attending a passport office and paying a hefty surcharge, get a passport in a week. If you are renewing one, it can be done same day.

The standard postal service is 3 weeks max.
You can go to the Channel Islands on approved photo id (check with the airline, they decide), photo driving licence is usually OK. Jersey is as hot as Spain right now - my brother lives there and is loving it! Beautiful beaches and a great place when the weather is this good.
Unless ofcourse your friend is an asylum seeker and has deliberately destroyed the passport
For a postal application, the Passport Office's target is to supply the passport within three weeks.

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Holidays without a passport

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