Anybody know if there is a way of getting reasonable priced flights to Colombia?

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oceanauk | 22:19 Mon 03rd Jul 2006 | Travel
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My (ex) partner and father to my son is Colombian and we have only been out once to meet the family. We would dearly love to go again but last time it cost us nearly GBP1,800!! Does anybody know of a way to get reasonable or even cheap flights there? I know it's not your average tourist destination which is a shame because it's fab there, and I'm guessing this is why flights are so expensive. Many thanks!!


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This is just a guess, so it may not work. You have to work out where the main people-carrying routes are from Europe to Columbia (not necessarily tourists but people with family and friends). I suspect that routes to and from Madrid may be more competitive because so many S Americans originated from Spain. So try websearching around the cheap Spanish carriers. Getting from the UK to Madrid cheaply shouldn't be a problem.
Another route to try might be to try and get to Miami cheaply from the UK, then a second carrier from there - lots of S American airlines seem to travel into Miami.
With all of these sorts of routings you may spent a lot of time doing the complete journey once stopover times are added in. Its unfortunately a balance of price versus inconvenience.
I found this page a while ago on here , I have brought up the page for Bogota to show you which airlines fly to and from there so if you put the time in and use the other pages e.g.airport to airport then you should find something . I lowered my brothers best price from Helsinki to Tobago from 2000� down to780� by spending the time Good luck
There's a specialist travel agent in London called Journey Latin America who often have good flight offers - google for them.
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Thank you everyone! That's great!!
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