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totnestimer | 18:37 Fri 02nd Jun 2006 | Travel
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I am going to visit my daughter in Gibraltar. but will be flying in and out of spain. there is a limit of cigarettes from gibraltar. but will this affect me as i am flying from malaga. so do i go by Gibraltars limit or spains


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when flying the limit is spain's, but you may well be subject to a customs exam at the land border - if so & you are carrying more than the "Gibraltar" limit, you will end up paying duty on your purchases.

It's where you buy them that counts, so if you buy them in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar limit counts. The allowance from Spain applies to cigarettes bought duty paid in the EU, not to cigarettes generally.

However, UK customs may not look that closely at them and assume they are from Spain - but if they do look I've no doubt they will be able to tell where they were bought and they are duty free and way over the limit.

That's assuming you get them from Gibraltar into Spain (200 allowance only) without incident.

PLease note that the "border" at Gibraltar is closely patrolled and nearly all cars are closely searched. The price of cigarettes in Gib is astounding, and the Spanish, with their state controlled tobacco shops don't want a flood of cheap fags coming in, so they patro very carefully. Of course, it's all relative, as the price in Span, though more than in Gib, is still much less than in the UK.
I am from Gibraltar and I think I can help. I have been flying to and from London to Gibraltar for well over a decade usually 3 times a year and I have NEVER been stopped at customs upon arrival in the UK. I have noticed though that other passengers have been stopped upon arrival at Luton Airport, so its best not to fly with Monarch Airlines and to choose BA as they fly to Heathrow and Gatwick and you are less likely to be stopped. But as I have said I always carry 4 or 5 cartons of Gib fags with me and have NEVER in years been stopped. I usually buy 1 carton at the airport which I carry with me as hand luggage, and the rest I buy in the Gibraltar shops for a couple of quid more per carton. I always keep the receipts just in case as I could argue that I have paid for the local tax by buying them locally. Anyway Thats still seriously cheap! I would say to you DONT WORRY! I would risk bringing in 3 or 4 cartons each (they go inside the suitcase) and 1 which can be seen.

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bringing back cigarettes

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