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simonoly | 17:06 Tue 30th May 2006 | Travel
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I need to send a Euro cheque to a hotel in Crete

Where can I buy Euro cheques from?


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any bank or travel agency
I hope that Mkt's answer is correct but I've got a feeling that it might not be.

To the best of my knowledge, all British banks withdrew from the Eurocheque scheme some time ago. This seems to be confirmed by the British Bankers' Association website: 58&a=360

Eurocheques can no longer be paid into British banks or obtained from them. You'll have to contact the hotel and arrange an alternative method of payment such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, Ikobo or Western Union.


Any bank (it's a cheque in euros, not a eurocheque, Chris - the latter has been withdrawn as you say.).

Thomas Cook also do them. Not sure about other travel agencies

Be prepared to pay a hefty fee - �10 minimum I would say.

my first answer is can purchase them from banks and travel agents no problem. Going Places and Thomas Cook always have them in stock. You'll have to pay a commission fee when you buy usually about 2%.

You can get cheques for ALL major sterling, euro, us dollars, australian dollars etc

You may also be able to get them at the Post Office but they may have to order them in for you.

You cannot get them (foreign currency cheques) at a post office. What you can get there (larger branches only) is a moneygram which will transfer the money electronically to an office at the far end - similar to Western Union.

And mkt I think that although your answer is right you are talking about travellers cheques which are slightly different.

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Euro cheque

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