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undercovers | 00:56 Fri 19th May 2006 | Travel
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hypothetically how long would it take to walk from Brighton to San Antonio in Ibiza (using ferries at the appropriate times)


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2 days maybe? A plane would probably a fair bit easier and cheaper though flights are quite cheap there

it's 750 miles, plus 2 ferry rides newhaven-dieppe and barcelona-ibiza. assuming walking speed of 4mph this could be achieved - non-stop - in around 200 hours.

Realistically, walking about 10 hours a day, it'll take around 3 weeks.

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thanks very much

2 days! best laugh I've had this week!

Tee Hee!

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i quite liked to 2 days walk idea too - would make it about 40 odd miles away then yay!
oops bit of a dolly dimple moment for me- my answer made sense at the time I have no idea why now doh ! :O( Mushroom25 makes a lot more sense than me !

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