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warpig1 | 14:55 Thu 30th Mar 2006 | Travel
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how many mountain peaks are there in the Monroes, Scotland?


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looked it up on Google.The answer is 284.
Sorry not meaning to be a Word Butcher but its Munroes in Scotland and to my shame I havent even attempted one despite living in Scotland.Good luck if you are attempting them - I believe its quite addictive:)
And then you do the Corbetts.....
Munroes or Monroes.The answer is still the same on Google.284 peaks

Sorry I wasnt meaning to be offensive - I actually had doubts myself after I had posted and googled.

So patsy- ann there are 2 spellings - well I honestly didnt know that and I have lived here all my life.

Sorry to both - I was honestly just trying to be helpful.

Although in saying above I would much rather someone corrected me if I was wrong - not on your daily grammar and punctuation and spelling cos that can be a bit irritating - but I stand corrected on above:)

Whats the Corbetts - must google that:)

Drisgirl. I really wasn't being critical,I just put up Monroe as it was spelt that way in warpigs posting.The answer came up so I presumed that was the only spelling.Lucky you living in Scotland.We plan to visit in late September as we think the Highlands are fantastic.Wont be climbing the Monroe Munroes though.Too old in the tooth.Ha Ha.

patsyann - you are never too old to bag a Munro.Honestly - or try a Corbett cos I've just googled that and they are less than 3000 ft.Its the old adage if its on your doorstep you take it for granted.Must try and bag one.

I honestly thought I had got it wrong when I thought about so I didnt think you were being critical - I thought I was.Thanks for replying though cos I felt rotten but now I feel fine:)

Drisgirl - go for it - bear in mind that some of the Corbetts are only 1' short of the Munro though.

And as for spelling, there is only one way - the name is after Sir Hugh Munro who published the table of mountain peaks over 3000' in 1891. the first person to climb them all as listed in the tables completed this in 1901 and though it was 'a desultory campaign of ten years'

The Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalkers Guide 'The Munros' is probably the best guide for the Munros. Clear, illustrated and concise.

They also produce suprisingly 'The Corbetts' named after a Bristol surveyor who listed all the peaks between 2500' and 3000', but only those with a 500' drop between peaks, so it is a bit more definitive as to a peak than the Munro tables. 221 hills to go for...

There are 'Donalds' as well - hills over 2000'

If the SMC books are too hefty to carry, go for the Munro Almanac by Cameron McNeish - smaller than A5 and very easy to carry up the hills.

Walk safely...

nick - I'm sorely tempted - Im at the gateway to Highlands in Perthshire..

Thanks for the definitive spelling - I honestly wasnt sure but when I googled it came up so I thought OK.

Ace info and I've got the boots - mind you they were for the raft races like Kenmore to Aberfeldy amongst others but they're still in good nick (no pun intentended:))

OK, so got the boots - is that all then - bit of the 'naked rambler' due out is it?

Have mooch round Loch Katrine then to wet the appetite - low level, very pretty and worth while to get the legs working. There is a nice hill just overlooking the loch on the drive into Katrine from Callender called Ben A'an. Easy uphill with good views. And you can leave the bike at the base in a car park....

See the suggested walks here: graded and well described.

Then you can get on the Rob Roy Way - 92 mile jaunt, so thats the summer holiday sorted......have fun!!

The bike - yikes.

Whats the one just over the Moulin Moors from me starting at Moulin as it happens -Ben y Vrackie (sounds made up but sounds like that).I've got other gear - here you dont live in Perthshire with a Kagoul to keep out the rain:)

Away to have a look at your link.Thanks:)

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Monroe peaks

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