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swindontony | 12:08 Thu 30th Mar 2006 | Travel
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I'm going to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria in a couple of months, never having been there before I was wondering what is it like cost wise for clothes shopping. Thanks in advance.


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Depends what type of clothes you are after. I went last year & the place is packed with fake designer stuff. Fakes included D&G,Diesel,Paul & Shark, La Coste, Nike, Adidas are everywhere. Oh yeah Nike Shox trainers as well. Quality ain't the best obviously
I went a few years back and as peterd says its - loads of fakes.I bought trainers however and I'm still wearing them.(I do have about another 4 prs I alternate them with- so they dont go running themselves:)) .Lovely place though - not at all what I expected and the people are so friendly.When we were there we just couldnt spend our money - it was so cheap.Wonder if thats changed?

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Shopping in Bulgaria

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