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Lan | 10:09 Thu 16th Mar 2006 | Travel
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Hi All

I've booked a holiday to Mexico in September only to find out this is the middle of hurricane season, I just wondered how dangerous this actually is? I thought we would've been warned by the travel company if it was that bad. If there are alot of hurricanes what will the weather be like when there isn't any?


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Hi Lan

I was in the Dominican Republic in September 2004 in the middle of hurricane. The holiday was a lot cheaper because of the season, so it is a risk.

The hurricane lasted a few day, but before and after it the weather was beautiful. Also went to Cuba in hurricane season last year and there wasn't even a breeze- so it's a bit of a gamble.

If there's a hurricane occuring when you're due to fly out, you should be able to sort things out with your travel agent.

Have a lovely time x

depends - the hurricane season is usually about Aug-Nov, but last year there was a record number of storms and they went on well into December. It's pot luck. But the Caribbean is a big place and most hurricanes stay out at sea (hitting only smaller islands); Mexico often gets none at all. If so, it'll be pretty hot but mainly sunny.
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Thanks guys you've made me feel abit better
Then I won't tell you about my cancelled trip to cancun last october.

Hi Lan,

Which part of Mexico? We were due to go to Cozumel off the coast of Cancun last November, right when Hurricane Wilma hit. I had friends there at the time when it hit who said it was pretty devastating

We re-routed our trip to Baja California - still Mexico, but on the Pacific side, out of the Gulf of California, had a great time, weather beautiful that time of year.

It is not that bad. The resorts are well equipped to handle hurricanes and there is a hurricane every 4 years. Chances of you seeing one are small. If you are in the area during hurricane season, then head to the state of Yucatan and lodge there for a couple of days. Because it is to the west you will find that hurricanes are rare there and if they do hit they are way weaker because of the land underneath

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Travelling to Mexico

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