is it possible for a cuban to come and stay in the UK for a while?

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nancie | 15:34 Mon 06th Mar 2006 | Travel
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Just wondered if it is poss to have my friend from Cuba come and stay with me for a few months, just wanted to know if the Cuban gvmt allowed this??


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I've no idea but I would have thought it's the govenrment where you live that you have to worry about, not the cuban one.
sorry, I thought you said UK, then I didn't see it in the question, so didn't refer to UK, then I re-read title. can tell you whether someone would need a visa to visit the UK
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thanks hun x

Your friend will need an exit permit from the Cuban Government. How difficult that is to get I don't know - but they do issue them. Being a good party member probably makes it easier.

I would guess that s/he will need a UK visa as well - unfortunately the UK visas site isn't working properly at the moment

but you could try it later. (letters A-H are missing from the list of countries...)

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cheers dzug..its working now and he does need a visa..xx

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is it possible for a cuban to come and stay in the UK for a while?

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