Is Egypt in Europe?

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smurfchops | 10:50 Mon 06th Mar 2006 | Travel
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For insurance cover, please


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Usually, yes, as are all countries bordering the Med. You would need to double check that your insurer uses this definition though.

It is most definately not. For insurance reasons it may be due to proximity to the UK however geographically Egypt is in the middle east as is Cyprus, another country misconcieved as being georgraphically in Europe, although it signed up to Europian union

Check with your insurance provider. Some companies, such as Direct Line, insure all countries bordering the Mediterranean as "Europe", although they could refuse to insure you if you choose to travel to an area where The Foreign & Commonwealth Office ( have advised against "All Travel", and this includes parts of the Middle East.

Strictly speaking, Egpyt is on the continent of Africa although, like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisa & Libya (also on the Mediterranean) it has strong ties to the Arab world & is often confused for being part of the Middle East.

I sell travel insurance for a living. Can you tell?

Well, ISRAEL takes part in Eurovision song contest!
Egypt may well be for insurance - don't know. But Nancie - Egypt is geographically in Africa, not the mid east.The vast majority may be of Arabic descent, but that big block of land is in Africa.

dzug: all countries bordering the Med are in Europe???
Have not heard anything as silly in a long time.
All of Northern Africa borders the Med.

true whickerman..its in Africa, not the middle east lol...thats on the other side.

I have recently returned from Eygypt and can assure you it is not in the European Union.

The E111 form which you are advised to take with you when travelling in Europe is no use in Egypt.

You cannot buy duty free when travelling in Europe, you can when travelling to Egypt.

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Is Egypt in Europe?

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