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Dee Sa | 10:45 Sat 21st Jan 2006 | Travel
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I have never bothered with air miles, but as I am travelling this year would like to start.

I am doing 2 long hauls with Virgin, how do I get the air miles? do I have to get a form or something beforehand ? any help would be appreciated.

tks Dee Sa


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Each airline usually has its on air miles programme which you do need to fill out a form for. Your travel agent should be able to help you with this or the airline you intend to use. Uaually you try and use the same airline or its contributing partners so that you accumulate miles quickly. Unless yuo are a very frequent flyer there isnt much point in having membership to too many airlines as alot of the airlines have an expiry time

the web site below is the page to go to for joining virgins Frequent flyer (FQTV)... after this u should get a number print this out and give it to ur travel agent when ever u fly so they can put it in ur booking, also keep it with u and show it to the check-in agent at the airport so they can check that it is in ur profile and/or put it in at the check in stage.

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many tks to Brinjal & Dazf, I am now a member of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club


You may contact the bank or credit card company you use. They can tell you about the different types of airline miles plans they have. Or else consider this site like to purchase your instant airline miles from the leading airline company.

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