distance between cuba and the US

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NEGROWPLEASE | 02:04 Fri 30th Dec 2005 | Travel
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what is the distance between the United States and Cuba?



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i would say the distance between miami and nassau is about 280 miles.
92 miles
Just gone to multimap and measured it between just east of Havana and an island SW of Key West and made it 156km(97 miles).
looks like i got it wrong,sorry.
The answer to this question depends upon whether 'the United States' means the US mainland (as Norman has taken it), includes islands (as Woodsz & sddsddean have viewed it) or simply refers to US territory. If the last of these options applies, then the answer has to be 'zero'. This is because Guant�namoBay (on the island of Cuba) is legally US territory.

Using Google Earth to measure between Cuba and the nearest US state (Florida):

Ballast Key (Fla) → Ensenada Los Roncos (Cuba) = 91.75miles (147.66km)

(BTW Nassau is in The Bahamas not Cuba.)
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it was to the mainland (florida)
the Florida Keys are islands but connected to the mainland by a long road; the southernmost, Key West, is nearer to Havana than to Miami. Don't know if this makes any difference to your question.
Is this just a question to which the answer is useful, for a quiz for example. Or for travelling to Cuba from the US. If the latter, you can't. The USA still can't get over Castro being in control of Cuba (even after all these years), and just will not accept that they exist in terms of travel and business.

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distance between cuba and the US

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