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Bobbisox1 | 09:07 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | Travel
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Hi WW, just looked back on my post on going away where you asked about holiday insurance?
My husbands 81 now and he’s a type2 diabetic, also he’s had a mini stroke three years ago, I shopped around and the best one for him annually was £334 from Staysure, if you go with them, do it online as it’s about 20% cheaper


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Cheers Bobbi, I appreciate that.

Do you both get individual insurance or is there one policy that covers both of you? I've never had to do this before so I'm clueless about it all.

My OH has angina as well as being type 2 diabetic, I'm also type 2 diabetic and we both take meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

We are going on a Mediterranean cruise, we both have a GHIC card but I don't know if that will make any difference to the cost. I guess not. :0(
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The GHIC card will only work in the countries equivalent of our NHS,
// An EHIC or GHIC covers state healthcare, not private treatment. With an EHIC or GHIC you can get emergency or necessary medical care for the same cost as a resident in the country you're visiting. This means that you can get healthcare at a reduced cost or for free.//

BP and cholesterol meds is part and parcel of having type2 diabetes ,
Yes you can get both insured on the same policy x
Wow Bobbi, I've just got a quote and it is £147! I never expected it to be so low, that's such a surprise, I can't tell you how pleased I am.

Only thing is, I can't buy it now as the trip is not within the next 90 days, so I've saved the quote and will log in next month.

Thanks again!
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That’s really good Ww xxx
Thanks again Bobbi. x
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You’re welcome xx

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