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Prudie | 19:41 Sat 28th May 2022 | Travel
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Not a question, just wanted to express how bad I feel for those having their easyjet and TUI flights cancelled at the last minute this weekend. It's utterly disgraceful, and to think I was sorry for the airlines during covid. Heartless ***..


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They ( EasyJet) sacked hundreds during the pandemic and now find themselves understaffed, disgraceful, I agree
EasyMorals and TUIts ... mind you, neither come close to Ryanair for despicableness. It's getting hard to find a decent cheap airline in the UK.
Best airline is Rishi Sunaks helicopter .Free to cabinet members and senior met officers for services rendered.
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Exactly, they took the money for these bookings, probably months ago, knowing they didn't have the staff to run the flights. I cannot begin to imagine how I'd feel if I arrived at Gatwick with a family all excited to be going away and having that happen at the airport. It really is unforgivable.
"It's getting hard to find a decent cheap airline in the UK" That's the problem - "cheap"
IT - contracted out, cleaning - contracted out, - wheel chairs for passengers - contracted out, - routine aircraft maintenance contracted out (as far as the Far East), check in - contracted out to service agents, You want to cheap air fares - you got it!
Still no excuse for this ..

Rob Gore spent 14 hours at Manchester Airport on Friday.

He had planned to fly to Turkey with his family for his sister-in-law's wedding, but his flight was delayed.

After hours of waiting, he and his family finally boarded a plane - only to be ushered back off it at the last minute.

"When the news was announced on the plane by the pilot the kids just burst into tears," he said.

The pilot said they had run out of hours they were able to work, so everybody had to disembark, he said.

"It was just an absolute farce from Tui, no reps available until right at the very end," he said, describing his treatment as "disgusting".
If people want £10 flights to holiday destinations (and some do), they are going to find out that it's not sustainable. If it's too good to be true, then it's not really true.
Heart breaking..
Despicable treatment.
Even if the flights were £10, which they weren't - flights to holiday destinations during half term are not £10, closer to £200 - the company that sold them at the price they sold them for has an obligation to do better than I posted above.
Terrible way to treat people. I don’t know why anyone who doesn’t have to travel wants to at the moment. I couldn’t be bothered with it all.
"Terrible way to treat people" It's the way that companies have taken advantage of the Covid fiasco. This is the result. I`m surprised that you are surprised.
silly question who said air travel should be cheap?
One does have to marvel at how the aircraft supposedly flys and steers itself for 90% of the flight yet the personnel are deemed to have over-extended their working hours?
So glad I’m taking the TGV in August.
We reap what we sow.

Fallout from COVID and the inadequates who steered us through a manufactured situation.

Your custom/call/health is important to us...

Now, let's see about getting you an NHS appointment with a GP.
This is the reason that I'm not going abroad this year. The stress and anxiety of worrying about getting to your destination or not makes it a no go for me. Especially as we usually have short breaks away.

Easyjet, especially, won't be having a Racoon bum on a seat anytime soon.

I'll just have to pray for a bit of sunny weather for here.
Question Author
I think some posters think these people are in this situation because they chose to fly cheap. Firstly TUI aren't cheap and never were, Easyjet may have some basement deals occasionally but not families flying abroad at half-term. The fact is there just aren't any other choices these days. So many airlines have collapsed.

Some may know I go to Menorca twice a year normally. Only few years back I could pick between Thomas Cook, Monarch, Flybe now all gone or the current Tui, easyJet or BA (who only go once a week at an inconvenient time).

The bottom line here is money has been taken knowing goods can't be supplied. In any other market that is fraud.
Has the cost of aviation fuel risen in line with other fuels?
Wise man say; The less people travel by any means other than horse or bike, the better for planet.

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