Do I Need A Visa To Study In Prauge?

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moonknight | 17:46 Thu 26th May 2022 | Travel
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I'm doing a year abroad as part of my university course and the person who we can get advice from at uni hasn't answered my email yet so I thought it might just be quicker to ask on here.

I've googled whether I need a visa or not because the UK is no longer a member of the EU but the results are mixed some say that I do need a visa and some saying I don't.

Does anyone know if I need to apply for a visa?

Thank you very much!☺️


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If you come from outside of the EU/EEA and choose to study abroad in the Czech Republic, you’ll need to apply for a student visa and possibly a residence permit.
^^^ Ooh, now there's a surprise! One new member posts a question and another new member conveniently happens to provide an answer! That looks very much like the old two-part spam trick to me!

In the somewhat unlikely chance that this is a genuine enquiry though, IGNORE the link above (to a service that you DON'T need).

Confirmation that you need a visa is here
and use the links here to find out about getting one (WITHOUT going through any third party provider):
Sorry I thought I was being helpful.
^^^ If it was a genuine post then I've got no problem with it. (That's why I didn't delete it). However it always seems strange to the moderators here when someone's very first post, invariably including a link, answers another new member's post almost straight away.

If you're 'for real' though, welcome to The Answerbank and we look forward to lots more posts from you ;-)
This was not my first post, I've posted on a couple of threads before this one.
^^ Yup, sorry about that, TantP. You're a victim of the site's slowness to update user profiles. Here's a screenshot of what I saw when I looked at yours:
(Clicking on 'Answers' though, as I've now just done, does indeed show that you've posted on another thread as well).

So please accept my apologies for my suspicions but this site gets at least 50 spam attempts every day, with many of them using the '2-part spam' trick, whereby one new member asks a question and then another new member immediately answers it with a link. After many years of zapping such posts day in and day out, it can become easy to jump to conclusions when two new members post one after another.

So, once again, WELCOME to the site!

Moonknight: At least your question has been answered - twice over! Welcome to The Answerbank too!

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Do I Need A Visa To Study In Prauge?

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