Proof Of Vaccine For Italy

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carolegif | 11:35 Mon 09th May 2022 | Travel
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Myself and my husband are going to Italy in the summer. We have had two jabs plus a booster. We have letters as proof of our first two jabs, but only the little card for our third. We have not had fourth yet, not keen after friends had serious after effects including hospital stays.
What is considered as fully vaccinated in Italy? Two three or four jabs? How do we prove we have had three?


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The 'little card' is not valid proof of vaccination. You need to either get an NHS COVID Pass letter for travel sent to you by post:
or you use the NHS COVID Pass service (requires you to set up an NHS login) to get a digital NHS COVID Pass to download and print:
COVID Passes of any sort are now only valid for 30 days from date of issue.
Read what it says here under 'Proof of vaccination status':
PS - The 'only valid for 30 days from date of issue' applies to COVID Passes issued by NHS England. I believe those issued in Scotland, and NI, are valid for 3 months from date of issue.
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Thank you Danny and etch. I will apply for the pass 30 days before we go. I am hoping all restrictions will be off by the time we go.
I would have thought a backhander of 50 Euros would suffice.....enjoy the wonderful food, vino and hospitality though....
The requirement to provide proof of vaccination for entry to Italy currently lasts until May 31st. There is a likelihood it may be discontinued after that (as Greece has recently done).

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Proof Of Vaccine For Italy

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