is parking on a broken double yellow line illegal?

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jooleywooley | 22:11 Sat 17th Dec 2005 | Travel
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The line was broken by repairs to the road, new lines had not been re-painted over the tarmac repair. I always thought that that made the double yellows obsolete. Has anyone got any info on this, any quotes in law that i can use to appeal against the ticket.


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The offence is created by the bylaw and is shown by the signs. The function of the yellow lines is to draw the driver's attention to the sign and to mark the extent of the restricted area. They are OK if the meaning is clear. In practice no ticket will be issued unless the yellow lines are clearly visible.
if they're still unpainted, you could try taking a photo for evidence

If they were so badly broken you didn't know they were there, then you have a chance - photos as suggested.

If you knew they were there but parked anyway the it's a waste of time appealing.

i'm sure i saw something on tv ages ago about a bloke who parks on broken double yellows and always photographs them because unless they are completely unbroken AND have a bar at the end of them, they are totally obsolete. apparently he'd got off loads of fines because of this technicality.

(please, don't hold me responsible if you try this and don't get away with it!)

Depends on how broken they were. If we're talking gaps equal to car lengths then you may have a case but if they are small sections then unlikely. The lines should have and end bar but this can often be several roads away so you'll to follow the line to its end (both ways). You'll need to ignore any bays along the way as the lines will run 'underneath' (though not actually painted) the bay restrictions.

Frankly I think this is stupid why people can't just own up to their mistakes beats me.

Grunty depends on what the lines are. Double yellows aren't required to have any signage. Though if there is also loading restrictions these will need to be signed and also the kerb should be marked with single or double kerb marking.

Double yellow lines HAVE to be continous for them to be legal.

When these kind of things are actually considered in court or at adjudication common sense normally prevails, a small section of missing line would not invalidate the line. Imagine a 20 mile stretch of road with double yellows and a 1cm section is missing, you wouldn't invalidate the lines as that would be plain stupid.

Again it boils down to people parking where they know they shouldn't but trying to weedle out of it by finding the most obscure technicalities possible.


just wondering if you got off your fine

Answer to Coobeastie . ( You must be a Traffc Warden or work in parking ) The parking companys will use the most obscure technicalities possible to stop an appeal , so we must do the same, take photos .( you will win )
coolbeastie is and ignorant fool , i bought a property 3 years ago with off road parking , My new nieghbours have been useing the extended off road parking for the last 30 years or so , it is governerd by a yellow line that has no ending bar or line . This year i have been issued two parking tickets for parking in these spaces , and i am now told that we residents can no longer park outside our propertys , I have payed the first ticket because unfortunatly the 2 wardens mobile scooters were damageed as i tryed to move my viechle to avoid the ticket . I am going to appeal against the second witch i now feel i may stand a chance of winning , My next corse of action if im not succesful would be to either seriosly upset my nieghbours by defacing the lovley brick wall outside with my car so i can use my garden as a parking space . I HOPE ALL THE TRAFFIC WARDENS ARE REALY PROUD OF THE HIGHLY SKILLED WORK THEY DO TODAY, MAY THEY BE AN INSPIRATION TO THIER CHILDREN AND PROUD FAMILYS , YOU NEVER KNOW THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITIES MAY ONE DAY OPEN FOR YOU , MAYBE YOU MAY GET PROMOTED TO BEING A BIG ISSUE SELLER ,


oh and just a little tip for you? when a row of parking bays/pay and display is split into single spaces with white road marking, there has to be double white line at both ends of the bay, if the bay is long without the marking then there has to be just a single line ending the row of bays!,,,, your be surprised with how many your find :)
Hi jooleywooley,
The quickest answer is: Don't bother trying!
The fact that the road repairs had broken the double yellow lines does not detract from the waiting restriction signs stating "At No Time" This also applies for times when the entire road has been re-surfaced and no road-markings are visible. The sign represents the local councils parking policy and they are lawful. Best bet is to pay the fine and not park there again.

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is parking on a broken double yellow line illegal?

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