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smurfchops | 10:40 Fri 15th Apr 2022 | Travel
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Does anyone know if you can walk around the ports if you are fully jabbed, instead of taking one of their excursions? Southampton to Spain, France, Portugal. Thanks all. And why no luggage tags in advance? Impossible to speak to someone on the phones and they don’t answer their emails either.


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Each destination port will have its own criteria.

That means an on-board test in advance.

The problem is, if you get a positive result, not only will the destination refuse you access, the ship will isolate you on board until you test negative again, usually five days.

You have to decide whether or not you want to take the risk, or stick to the ports that let you in with no test requirements.
Re. The labels - moat lines email labels for to print off and attach.
Portugal No masks outside. Rules meant to be lifted after this weekend but at the moment masks required in all indoor areas. Take off when seated to eat. Some people do wear masks outdoors but that is personal choice. If you are going to be in Porto or Lisbon weather is good after torrential rain but windy and chilly in the evenings. I am currently sitting in the sun, just outside of Port watching granddaughter have a riding lesson. No masks in sight.
Walking ashore in Portugal flat shoes advised as many streets still have cobblestones!!. Lisbon is hilly
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Thanks all. Due to Covid, some ships only let you off at ports if you take one of their excursions, that is why I am wondering, as we like to wander around the port. No luggage tags arrived yet, very odd.
The only real advantage of ship-organised trips is, if you are late back, the ship will wait for you, if you are independent, it goes without you.

As long as you time things properly, getting back is never a problem.

If the ship will only let you disembark if you are one of their trips, then you simply have to choose if you want to pay their high prices, and be stuck with their itinerary.
"No luggage tags arrived yet, very odd."

I haven't received luggage tags for ages. You have to log in to your cruise on the website and you should have a link to print off the luggage tags on that page.
"[Q] Are bag tags still available for guests who prefer to receive them prior to traveling to the ship?

[A] Yes, we are able to send the bag tags electronically, so guests can print as many as they’d like prior to joining the ship. While we are no longer shipping the tags, the digital option allows guests to travel with as many bags as they prefer.

If guests choose to print the electronic tags, we recommend reinforcing them with a plastic or leather tag holder. Some guests even choose to laminate their baggage tags."


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Thanks all, yes Chris I did see that but I can’t find a link to actually print them off.

Post 2 might help you spot what you're looking for, but if you can't print them, don't worry; the porters can do tags when you arrive.

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