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hannah40 | 17:46 Sun 06th Mar 2022 | Travel
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My 18yr old Daughter has got herself an Aupair job in Seville Spain in September for 10 months. Now I don’t know where to start to apply for a visa for her.
I have been on the website and to me it seems complicated.
Has any one any experience of being an Au pair in Spain since brexit?
Any info appreciated.


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Have you seen this website that explains how to get an au pair visa? It is towards the bottom of the page

This page gives contact details for the relevant consulates and embassy in the UK.
Be careful when looking at websites offering visas (for anywhere in the world). The vast majority of them are commercial sites, that have no links to the relevant consular authorities. So you risk being ripped off by paying for more than is necessary and, if the agency that you're using doesn't do a good job, ending up with invalid documentation.

The link provided by Barry goes to a commercial website, which I wouldn't touch with an infinite number of the proverbial bargepoles. This is the official website of the Spanish Consulate in London:
Scroll down to, and click on, 'I want to go to Spain as an au pair. Do I need a visa'.

As you'll see from that link, the visa required is effectively the same as a student one, with the documents that are required being listed here:

Once your daughter is sure that she has all of the relevant documentation, she needs to book an appointment at the Consulate. The relevant information is in my first link above.
I think is worth also checking if you can that its a genuine job and she's not being asked to pay some sort of admin fee
Sevilles lovely though.... hope it all work s out
Note: Looking through the list of documents required in order to obtain a student/au pair visa shows that some of them need to be legalised with a Hague Apostille. Avoid the commercial services offering to get this done for you and go direct to the service provided by the Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office instead:

The link for obtaining an ACRO Police Certificate is here:

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