Booster Jab For Spain?

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jaydj | 22:18 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Travel
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Hello, do i need the booster jab too for travel to Spain Malaga even though im double jabbed??
Thanks for the help


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No booster is needed
although, obviously, it would be best to get it done a.s.a.p. anyway.
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Hi Buenchico, Thank you for your reply
But im confused because the www.spth. says "What validity do my Certificates/documents certifying vaccination, recovery and/or diagnostic tests have?
Vaccination Certificate: in the case of vaccination with a complete vaccination schedule, from 1 February 2022, this will be valid from 14 days after the date of administration of the last dose of the complete vaccination schedule and will be valid up to 270 days from the date of administration of that last dose. Thereafter, in order to be valid, the vaccination certificate must reflect the administration of a booster dose."
so yeah im not sure??
thanks for the help
Nothing's ever simple, is it? This (US) website suggests that the rules will be changing as from next Tuesday:
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Im from England but im guessing the same rules apply as the US?
It might be wisest to assume that the info for US citizens also applies to people from the UK too.

If in doubt, try an email to the Spanish Embassy in London
[email protected] (that's actually the address for visa enquiries but it's the closest one I could find for enquiries of your nature)
or to our own Foreign Commonwealth and Development office (which has responsibility for providing accurate overseas travel advice to UK citizens:
[email protected]
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Thank you Buenchico
6 bottles of a tasty Rioja and 6 Paellas ought to do it....
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DTCwordfan I only drink larger and eat chips in Spain.........

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Booster Jab For Spain?

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