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jw47 | 13:42 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Travel
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How soon before you travel do you have to apply for a covid pass. I am thinking of getting a paper one


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where are you travelling from/to?
and when?
Apply now is my advice. Theres no cost and saves rhe hasstle nearer the time.
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Bednobs, I am going on a Norwegian Cruise from Southampton in June. The travel agent said I could do it straight away via 119 but website says they are only valid for 21 days. I am like the advert, confused
I think the official blub says you should apply at least 5 days before you need it but I would give it a bit longer to be on the safe side. Do you have the NHS app?
Five working days, that is.
So do you just need it at the start or will you need it still valid as & when you sail onto different countrys.
I'm not aware of the 21 days limit.
Don't you have a smart phone?
From the NHS website, "How long a digital NHS COVID Pass is valid for

A digital NHS COVID Pass is valid for 30 days. The 30-day period refreshes and starts again each time you log in.

If you have an NHS COVID Pass for travel based on a positive PCR test, the 30-day period will refresh for up to 180 days after you took the test.

If you use the NHS App for your NHS COVID Pass, it may ask you to confirm your phone number when you log in. If you do not confirm it, your NHS COVID Pass will be valid for only 72 hours.

If you download your digital NHS COVID Pass as a PDF it will be valid for 30 days. Always check the expiry date before using it."

You're better using the NHS app and having the pass for 180 days.

Ignore the 180-day bit at the end, that applies only if you tested positive.

I read the rest of it to mean the end-date refreshes as long as you log in to the app.
I think this is the letter the OP is referring to. I was wrong, it's 7 days not 5.
Alternatives are to get a digital pass via the website which you can print off, or a pdf from the NHS app which you can also print off.
Easiest to get the digital pass on the app, then you can send as PDf and print at any time
That's ok. You`re welcome!

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