Nearly Expired Passport And A Holiday

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minnie76 | 18:11 Sat 15th Jan 2022 | Travel
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my passport expired June 2022. i have applied for a next passport but it’s going to take up to 4 weeks to get back. i want to book a holiday for March as there is a cheap deal on. can i use my current passport as part of booking and change at a later date or will i be charged. Would it be better but more expensive to wait for my new passport?


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Know idea if you'll be charged to change your passport details as you haven't told us who you want to book with - best ask the company as they all have different policies.
What country will you be travelling to?
do you need your passport to book a holiday? i never have
Just got a new passport, it arrived within a week.
you'd need to check whether the country you're going to will accept a UK passport with three months to run. But it's unusual for anyone to ask for your passport details when you're only booking.
Be careful if any left over months from your previous passport were added to the one that expires 2222. Many EU countries will not accept it.

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Nearly Expired Passport And A Holiday

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