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hannah40 | 17:19 Fri 13th Aug 2021 | Travel
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I have a holiday booked for 2 adults with additional needs and my own family .
Apart from my own 13 yr old son the rest of us are double jabbed and don’t need to be tested to go in to maderia.
We do need to be tested coming back to Uk but sorted that.
Where can I get my 13yr old tested? For going out does any one know?


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I don’t think they are acceptable for travel
Do you mean for leaving the UK . If Madeira has the same rules as Portugal, which I think it does, children under 16 travelling with fully vaccinated adults do not need testing. Your airline should know
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They do need to be tested to maderia
Sorry that is quarantine for Portugal. Again ask you air line or travel agency where to get tested
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They have sent links but I’m just confused. I need to know perhaps from someone who has been away
British Airways has a list of private test providers on their website
This Excel spreadsheet, from the website, lists over 1000 UK providers of PCR testing facilities:

Many pharmacies offer private PCR testing, including all Boots pharmacies:

See also here:

The exact rules for entry into Madeira can be found on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website:

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