Will Cruises Ever Regain Their Popularity?

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dave50 | 10:29 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Travel
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Considering that any virus will spread like wildfire on a cruise ship, I was wondering whether people will now be too nervous to take this kind of holiday even after the covid crisis has passed.


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well it hasn't helped but on the bright side they'll be cheap as chips in the future!
Does a duck swim?
Covid will be a thing ofthe past and cruise ships wil be packed.......don't know when, but they will. .
We’re booked for a cruise.
It sold out weeks ago ..
Sending brochures every 3 days, they are great but as it stands now they will need time to recover, I certainly wont be bothering this year possibly (dependent on situation) not even next year.
It's always seemed like my idea of hell - but if you make them cheap enough (and insist on vaccinations and negative tests before boarding) then people will come back.
My goodness wasn't expecting such a positive answer from you sqad XX Personally I'm sure they will eventually but think they will be the last of holiday travel styles to get back up and running.
A cruise has never been my idea of an ideal holiday - hate the thought of being bundled in on a ‘package trip’ with a load of strangers - but we were invited to an ‘event’ aboard a cruise ship and had option but to accept. The cruise was booked for last May, cancelled due to Covid, and moved to next July. I don’t think it will happen … but I don’t mind.

People will flock back to cruises - and I doubt very much prices will fall.
*had no option*
//It's always seemed like my idea of hell //
Certainly not my idea of hell, Ive not had a bad one yet.
It's my favourite way to holiday, and as an accredited Guest Speaker with P &O, my next cruise will be free!
Just gone off cruising.
I've never fancied going on a cruise anyway. I don't think the infection thing would put me off if it were cheap enough and to see something I've never seen, like the Northern Lights; but the prices would have to fall a fair bit to make up for the money and time I'd have to spend to get to the start point.
"Will Cruises Ever Regain Their Popularity?"

Let us hope not, they are among the greatest polluters in the world, also the greatest racket: selling people something which they don't own, Venice, for example.
“ People will flock back to cruises - and I doubt very much prices will fall”

As our experience for one proves
We've had five enormous cruise liners in Tor Bay, South Devon, for several weeks now. It seems they don't want to get to their home ports because of the fuel involved and other costs. Some of us are concerned that they might have a polluting effect on our waters, though we're not certain. They have skeleton crews aboard that turn on some lights at dusk. One wonders what's going to happen.
doubt if the prices will fall at all, when they are allowed to operate again.
Back in November, Fred Olsen cruises (which are based here in Suffolk) were reporting that their bookings for both 2021 and 2022 were 'very strong':

I can't find the link now but, within the past week or so, I've seen a report stating that cruise bookings are up by 250% compared with their normal levels. So I don't think that the cruise industry is quite dead yet!
of course

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Will Cruises Ever Regain Their Popularity?

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