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MWG14 | 19:47 Wed 09th Dec 2020 | Travel
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Do you own an electric car? If so, have you ever been towed because it ran out of power?

Thank you.


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No, but I know someone with the big Tesla who had a power problem, and a flat-bed truck arrived and took it away (for quite some time).
You should NEVER tow an electric car. If they are to be moved, then they have to go on a loader with all wheels off the ground.
AA and RAC normally take cars a short distance to a charging point and a quick recharge rather than a lengthy journey home.
Buy a big extension lead
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Thank you for your comments.

Fozzy, that extension lead could be a very long one!

How many kilometers?
Even longer in Australia
You mean that the designers, presumably knowing the issues with what they are designing, didn't bother to allow a disconnect of the motor, so it could be towed like other vehicles ? All sounds very dodgy, probably best to steer clear.
No I haven't but I know the man who had the honour several years ago of being the first person in the whole USA to be fined for speeding, - in a Tesla!

I hate the fact that electric cars are so quiet which makes them dangerous for pedestrians
No, I haven't owned an electric car. however, if you are run out of electricity then you need a flatbed truck so that it can take you to a nearby charging station. Please remember, don't tow your vehicles with a rope or lift as it can cause damage to the traction motors.

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