Cross-Channel Travel By Train Or Ferry

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gl556tr | 09:05 Wed 05th Aug 2020 | Travel
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Has anybody any experience in cross-Channel travel during this Corona period?
Train-travel dictate face-masks and distance. How do Eurostar deal with this?
Is a ferry-crossing safer?


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Go on the Shuttle - as I understand it, as long as you stay in your car you don't have to wear a mask.
Eurostar deal with the situation just as other rail operators do - the train capacity is radically reduced, passengers must wear face coverings and there are no catering facilities on board. potential issues from wearing face coverings for more than 3 hours is why Eurostar are not running any trains beyond Paris or Brussels this year, nor will there be any skitrains this winter.
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With mass-transport being so dodgy, I now think the safest mode is travelling in one's own "bubble" = car. Being a cyclist (no wise cracks, please!), I will have to hire a car for the return journey. *But* a short-term change to Corona regulations would make this difficult to achieve, methinks.
--> I could try to book a one-way tour for each direction, if I can find a suitable car-hire.
Although I'm in the highest risk group, I'm still hoping to take Eurostar to Paris well before the end of the year. I'd have no worries about using their services although getting to and from their stations (on the London Underground and the Paris Metro/RER services) might give me some cause for concern.

According to my mini-informant who has been on a ferry recently adults were expected to wear a mask when moving about but not when sitting down!
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Buenchico: Thank you for the video; Eurostar seems well-prepared and I agree with your concern in travelling on the Tube, which I wouldn't use.
So, the car-bubble it is, **iff** a car-hire can be found.
// **iff** a car-hire can be found. //

best of luck with that. anecdotal evidence in the press suggests there's something of a shortage, particularly in popular destinations.

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Cross-Channel Travel By Train Or Ferry

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