Refund From Ryanair For Flight That They Cancelled

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shivvy | 17:45 Fri 20th Mar 2020 | Travel
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Ryanair cancelled a flight that I had booked for 4 people due to fly tomorrow.
I am trying to get a refund but with no joy.
The refunding process on their website isn't recognising the reservation number so I can't do it there.
I have tried 3 different phone numbers but either the line is dead or else it cuts off after saying that they are busy.
I have emailed them and contacted them via twitter. Looking on social media this seems to be a problem that many people are having.
I am ok to keep trying, but what I really want to know is whether I need to get the refund 'claimed' before the scheduled flight time tomorrow? Or can I still claim after the cancelled flight is scheduled to fly?
I'm presuming that I will still be entitled to a refund afterwards but I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience of getting this issue resolved with them?


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It has been reported there is a fault with the site. Try later they are”working on it”
Shivvy,my flight to Pisa wasn’t till the 7th of April,
Ryan air sent me an email saying refund would be in my bank account within 5 days,
I haven’t checked yet.
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I think they are snowed under. I have been trying for a couple of days now.
Jordy did you use the refund form on the website or did they process it without you doing anything?
like Jordy, when Ryanair cancelled my flight several years ago, they got in touch with me and made it very quick and easy to get a refund. You shouldn't have to do anything if they've cancelled the flight.
We are having the exact same problem.

We're giving Ryanair a little leeway to sort things, even though they're hopeless and don't deserve it - e.g. they must know by now there's a problem with their refund form, but they still publish it with no message.

If we can't get any joy we'll revert to the credit card company and claim a chargeback. If you paid by credit card then you will be able to do likewise.
it does seem there's a bit of bother
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Thanks jno - I received an email saying that we need to claim the refund so that is why i'm trying to get it processed.
Agreed Ellipsis - I'm ok to cut them a bit of slack. Although if the refund form isn't working they should have a message on their site explaining that. Otherwise the system is jammed with people like me trying constantly because it gives the impression that it is a user error.
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Thanks for that link jno. It looks like it will work if i use the form between 3am and 5am. I'll set my alarm lol!!
You have by EU law a right to a refund in full, not a voucher but a refund - that right cannot expire. It is not altogether surprising if processes blow a fuse while thousands of flights are being cancelled so a bit of patience and understanding needs to be exercised. Sadly, Ryanair do not generally have a good reputation on customer service/respect but they must comply with the law (they tried to avoid it but were beaten in court). It is possible that any card supplier whose card you used will insist you must first try with Ryanair so keep a record of attempts for the purposes of submitting it as a log of how your efforts have failed - use that as a lever in any approach to the card supplier.
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Thanks Karl.
Similar problem with BA. They've cancelled my return flight next week (outbound still scheduled) and offered a voucher for a new booking - or a refund of the whole booking. Trouble is, when you click on the refund option, you're taken to the voucher application!
We finally got the refund this evening, through the refund form, after a couple of days of trying ... maybe 40 attempts.

Give it another go shivvy.
Shivvy,they sent me an email I didn’t have to do anything except inform them of my reservation number and they done the rest,hope all goes well for you,
I will probably have to go through it again as we have flights to Crete booked for August and return October.

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Refund From Ryanair For Flight That They Cancelled

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