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jourdain2 | 19:38 Wed 29th Jan 2020 | Travel
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Mr. J2 and I became Great-grandparents in Sept. 2017 and have never yet met little Archie. The problem is that they live near Exmouth and we are in East Yorkshire. We've been hoping that time could be found for family to visit, but the younger generation are always busy (haven't even been on holiday for several years). So, we are looking for a holiday cottage near the area in Sept. this year in order to meet him - and the rest of them. We have a rescue dog who cannot be sent to kennels (becomes distressed and barks all the time when we tried). We don't ask for anything wonderful, but need a dog-proof garden and one bedroom with comfortable beds. Trawling through sites is not bringing up anything suitable and affordable (we accept that it will be dearer down there and are accepting moving up to £500-ish). Anyone have any ideas, or know of anywhere, please?


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Have you tried Airbnb? There is a filter for 'pets allowed'
It may prove difficult to get a one bed property with a private garden but not impossible.

Haven't checked all these.
Airbnb seems to have several suitable offerings. For example, this 'self-contained studio garden flat' is priced at £485 for 2 people, with pets welcome (using Sat 12/09 to Sat 19/09 as sample dates):

Floirence Cottage is priced at £484 for the same period, and described thus: "Our place is good for couples, families (with kids), and furry friends (pets)":

I'm hoping that those links aren't the sort that time-out after a certain period but you should still be able to find the properties fairly easily on the Airbnb website anyway. Start here:
Enter you're preferred dates, change the number of adults to 2 and carry out an initial search.
Click 'More filters' and select 'Pets allowed' (under 'House Rules').
Take an initial look but then, if you think it might help, click on 'More filters' again, click on 'All property types' and then on 'Cottage'. (Also try 'Chalet' though, as that brings up quite a few possibilities too).
Have you tried Sykes Cottages ? Not sure if they show whether their places allow pets or not but might be worth a look. We've used them several times and have always found the cottages very good. Hope this helps.
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Thanks, all of you. We always try Sykes cottages (going with one of theirs to Dumfries in May) but the others sound interesting. Will get going.
just been in a pet friendly airb&b. Garden full of dog crap & beds stank of dogs. Pls take pet beds with you & clean the crap
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tambo - I wouldn't dream of allowing him to poo in any garden (including ours - he's well trained on that) and his bed etc. take up half the back seat space ….. with him on top!
>>> beds stank of dogs

If it's the smell of wet dogs, please can I have the address? It's my number one favourite smell and I love sleeping in a room with it present ;-)

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