Taking Cats To Usa From Uk

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iloveglee | 18:00 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | Travel
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I always seem to be on here for some reason or another but this community does seem to have a wealth of information at its fingertips.

This question relates to transporting two kittens from the UK to USA. I am finding it difficult to work out all the different rules and regulations, both from government rules, and the airline's own rules. There are so many different policies it's very difficult to get your head around them all. I am therefore looking, if possible, for someone who has actually done this.

I want to transport the said two kittens, aged 16 weeks, as per US regulations from an airport in the UK, to an airport in the USA, preferably direct rather than having to fly to Europe first, then onwards. I want to take the in the cabin with me, as they are too young to be travelled as cargo. I will be travelling with them alone.

If anyone has an any experience, or insights into this, what seems to be, an insoluble problem, I would be really gratified to hear it.


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I can't answer your question but I am curious about what the answer will be.

I assume that you have Googled - I found this article. Maybe your Vet can help.

I can hear my father's voice in my head, he would have advised selling these two babies and getting two others when you get there. He didn't really understand the relationship between humans and their furry families.
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There is quite a lot of info on the internet. Not sure why you think they'd be any better off in a basket with a person in the cabin that in the hold and most British airlines will allow pets in the hold.
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There have been quite a few horror stories around about animals travelled in the hold, especially cats. In the event, these kittens will only be 16weeks old, which is the minimum age for entry into the USA. They are not old enough at that age to be travelled in the hold, so the buyer would have to wait until they are about 6 months.

The buyer is very keen to have the kittens accompanied, but of course, at what cost. At least if you have them with you, you can reassure them as they will be familiar with the sound and smell of the previous owner.
I know you say you want to fly direct from UK. Suggest you try Luthansa they allow pets in cabin. Also try US airlines such as American and Delta. BA have a good reputation re animal transport. Have you contacted ARC animal reception centre at Heathrow. They are supposedly very reputable and knowledgeable
Is it you that says they have to be 6 months (I'm sure you are more in the know than us) but for example from Virgin's website "Virgin refuses to carry any pets that are younger than 15 weeks old."
Yes I also thought it was some US airlines allow pets in the cabin. BA do have a good reputation for animal transport but they are definitely hold only.
Air France allows pets in the cabin but only one per passenger. There is a pet travel agency called PBS - you could try them.
you can get a cheap seat for another accompanying adult for second cat, if cats are so important for importation.
not very many "cheap" seats to the usa tony!
What breed are they? I would love a Maine Coon but they are mega expensive.

My two were free - the best type.
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I know a little about the flat nose problem, I don't find it appealing to look at and it must be difficult for the animal.

You mention keeping them as a pair. I adopted my two when they were young adults. Frankie and Princess Merlin - siblings. Merlin was beautiful and evil and used to beat her brother up and make his life difficult. She died just over a year ago and Frankie has turned into a new cat. Cats are odd creatures.

It would be good if the babies could go to a home that does not mean a long journey for them. They sound gorgeous. It is a shame that there have been deaths in the litter. :-(

Thanks for the update. I really hope that, wherever the kittens go, they are happy and live long and adventurous lives.
I know more about rthe problems of flat noses and the accompanying skull deformity in dogs. Its a horrible condition and I'd ike to see the people who deliberately breed animals for it to have their breathing severely limited and see how they feel. I am glad that your son doesn't breed animals like it. I flew our adult dogs once many years ago and I wouldn't do it again. My feeling is that the best thing for these kittens would be to find them homes in the Uk
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Agree entirely, nobody should be breeding animals with obvious genetic predisposition to any health problem. of course it is the breed standards that are as much to blame. I don't know exactly how this will work.

I agree also that cats are very strange creatures. I think the idea of them staying as a pair is a human one, although when I see how some human siblings get on, or more to the point don't get on, it seems that they also should be separated.

The person who is having them is a friend, albeit of the online variety, but she is so desperately keen to have them, and now they don't want to let her down. All I know is, the kittens will not be put at risk no matter how it plays out.
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As some people were interested in what happened with these kittens, well they are indeed going to the USA, together as a pair. good old Air Canada are signed up to the pet passport scheme, and are allowed therefore fly them direct from the uk to Canada, in the cabin, albeit two people have to accompany them.

From Toronto, after an overnight stay, its a relatively short flight to their final destination. this is better all around, from the human, but more importantly from the kitten point of view to not have too long a transatlantic flight with no break.

the new owner is fine with all of this, and how much it will cost her. she is getting two kittens for the price of one so everybody is happy.
I hope it all goes well.
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I think it will be fine. I've always liked Canadians. the young man on the customer service was helpful +++ and definitely knew what he was talking about, unlike some of the other airlines where you could get several different answers depending on who you spoke to.
Call the Nearest or any, USA Embassy / Consulate , they all must have a 'Help Desk'. They really do try very hard to be as helpful / informative as possible !

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