Taking Cats To Usa From Uk

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iloveglee | 17:00 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | Travel
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I always seem to be on here for some reason or another but this community does seem to have a wealth of information at its fingertips.

This question relates to transporting two kittens from the UK to USA. I am finding it difficult to work out all the different rules and regulations, both from government rules, and the airline's own rules. There are so many different policies it's very difficult to get your head around them all. I am therefore looking, if possible, for someone who has actually done this.

I want to transport the said two kittens, aged 16 weeks, as per US regulations from an airport in the UK, to an airport in the USA, preferably direct rather than having to fly to Europe first, then onwards. I want to take the in the cabin with me, as they are too young to be travelled as cargo. I will be travelling with them alone.

If anyone has an any experience, or insights into this, what seems to be, an insoluble problem, I would be really gratified to hear it.


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Glad there is a resolution in sight.

Safe travel kitties.
I am glad that you have managed to get it all sorted out. Your son will be happy when the babies reach their destination. They must be extra special kittens for the person to have gone to so much expense to get them.

A happy ending. ☺♥
Question Author
everybody will be pleased when they're delivered. the new owner wanted kittens of this type, but some of the breeders over there (and over here for that matter), are less than ethical. she was prepared to pay to have them taken to her. they are delightful kittens, raised within a family, and grown up to be lovely cats. we have one from the first litter and he is such a joy.

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Taking Cats To Usa From Uk

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