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Islander | 20:08 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Travel
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Kavos in South Corfu, anybody been? We are currently looking at returning to Corfu , our budget might allow us to stay for 14 nights, if we can find the right spot. Kavos looks lovely but we have been put off a tad by others telling us it is the dance / music hot spot . We are a tad old for a lot of rowdy noise so over to you knowledgeable lot !


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Quote 1:
"Returned yesterday from a holiday to Kavos, Corfu. The place is dominated by a main road known as 'The Strip.' This consists of horrendously loud, tacky clubs and bars which target English under-thirties . . . Please don't consider Kavos if you are looking for Greek charm and character. It has been completely spoilt by those interested in making money out of alcohol, sex and noise"

Quote 2:
"if you are wanting a holiday where you can party all night and sleep all day then Kavos is the place. It is a club 18-30 resort and full of young people who sleep until the late afternoon and drink all night until late in the morning. The beach is full of rubbish from the party goers and the locals never clean it up. The main strip of the resort is on the main road in and out of Kavos so walking through the resort can be quite dangerous as there are lots of young people on scooters or quad bikes going up and down all the time. The resort is full of bars and clubs with places to eat in between and that is about it . . . This is not a place for families or older couples it is just a place for young adults wanting to party all night and get drunk. If you are a family wanting a good holiday then don't go to Kavos"

Quote 3:
"do not go to Kavos if you are:
1) looking for a relaxing holiday
2) dislike foul-mouthed people
3) have a family
4) are looking for a romantic place
5) looking for a real Greek holiday experience

My husband and I went to Kavos without realising it's reputation for drunken, loud mouthed twenty-somethings. It was like "big Brother eviction night" and "eastenders" all rolled in to one. I shall never make THAT mistake again"

Quote 4:
"If you want to go away purely to get drunk and party in the sun then Kavos would suit. If on the other hand you like to mix going out with other activities then there are better places than Kavos because other than bars, restaurants, a few tourist shops and the beach that offers some boat trips there's not much else to do there and you have to travel further up the island to find alternatives"

All of those quotes are from the same TripAdvisor thread that's about a decade old, so I suppose that things might have improved, but I certainly won't be rushing to book a holiday there!
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Chris, thanks for your speedy reply. Kavos is a no no now !
Having been to Corfu twice (many years ago) and motored round the island, I remember Kavos as a dreadful dump...and sounds like it still is. Best avoided.
I liked Paleocastritsa....but even that nice place may have changed for the worse.
I am sure there is a series on tv about youngsters in Kavos. Caught 5 minutes of one and it was baaaaad!

We stayed in Acharavi. Very pleasant and easy to get to other places.
Charming place
Stinks of chips.
I'd avoid it if I were you.
Corfu is a nice island but Kavos is the pits
Mind you I will say this about it:
I went to a cashpoint there and accidentally left my money in the machine. A very nice Irish girl pointed out my error.

Still avoid though :-)
Chris is now on the Kavos tourist board hit list....... :-)

Find somewhere lovely and have a great holiday, Islander. ....x
Yes, Chris, The Kavos Mob is going to send The Fiddler over to locate you and throw you off the roof.
Oops, it seems that I go my geography wrong!
Have a butcher's:

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